The fact that I’m faded is actually embarrassing
I see this as a vice and I’m using it as a crutch
But if I’m being honest with you
I think I fell in love with the thought of me dying young and not reaching my full potential cause
They never realize you’re great until you die, ah
Murder it all, I want to appease
I bet that I’m really a beast
I never release
I’m giving the people a feast the way that I’m killing the beat
You loving it all enjoying the ride
I bet that you feeling the vibe
Is that what you want?
Fulfilling your needs?
Now give me a minute so I can proceed, Lord
Now this is not the life I really wanna lead
And all my pain is transparent; It’s not that easy to see
I used to wanna be happy, it never actually happened
So I been feeling the same just trying to live with disdain

Up it

I know that I don’t fit in
But I don’t need your medicine
I know that I’m immature
All I feel is insecure
All I feel is all alone
They ain’t got no home, so nobody’s home
All my friends they all pretend, I’m lost again
But nobody knows I’m fine
They say its in my mind

Why do I feel like I’m an alien?
And my shadow’s my best friend
They want you to be like them
But I just can’t be like them
Loved and lost and loved again
I will never love again
In my dreams my consciencness
Forget all that I must have lost my mind
Or what’s left inside
Sometimes I lose my cool
But I found my fire
I guess that I’m not fine
It’s not all in my mind

how much a dollar

Turn their whole culture to a mockery
Give ’em Coca-Cola for their property
Give ’em gum, guns, young, fun
But if they ain’t givin’ it up
Give them none and at all

It’s the paper