The fact that I’m faded is actually embarrassing
I see this as a vice and I’m using it as a crutch
But if I’m being honest with you
I think I fell in love with the thought of me dying young and not reaching my full potential cause
They never realize you’re great until you die, ah
Murder it all, I want to appease
I bet that I’m really a beast
I never release
I’m giving the people a feast the way that I’m killing the beat
You loving it all enjoying the ride
I bet that you feeling the vibe
Is that what you want?
Fulfilling your needs?
Now give me a minute so I can proceed, Lord
Now this is not the life I really wanna lead
And all my pain is transparent; It’s not that easy to see
I used to wanna be happy, it never actually happened
So I been feeling the same just trying to live with disdain