Started with nothing, came to this conclusion
You was blessed with a talent,  I suggest you use it
But don’t forget to practice, never take this shit for granted
It can leave as it quick as it came
Don’t reach for the fame, it’s fleeting
And when they shower you with compliments ignore it
Never sleep, there’s people working cause they’re hungry and young,
and they would love to fucking take your spot and massacre ya
So I’ll just cool for a second let that all sink in
Fuck it



В един горещ ден,
дълбоко да се потопиш в едно езеро.

си в транс, предизвикан от шока на неочакваната
студена промяна.

Първо изпадаш в транс,
нападнат от шока,
неочаквано предизвикан.
Гласът на студената промяна.

моментна болка.
Придружена от съгласието,
вече ти плуваш.
Съзнанието на истината.

Един миг, а ти плуваш.


Found a way to rid myself clean of pain
And the fever that’s been haunting me
Has gone away

Looking through my window
I seem to recognize
All the people passing by
But I am alone
And far from home
And nobody knows me

Never heard me say goodbye
Never shall I speak to anyone again
All days are in darkness
And I’m biding my time
Once I am sure of my task I will rise again